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Benita Suchodrev
Aging today is a disease that is swept under the rug in the plastic surgeons office or is tucked away in the psychiatrist's drawer. The advertising and fashion industries breed classifications that distort private and public perception of female identity, often placing the mature, single, childless and ‘fameless’ woman on the very margin of society.
How do mature women today see themselves and how do they want to be seen? If ‘sexy’ translates to ‘sexually desirable‘, do women whose desire for sex decreases still want to look ‘sexy’? Do they enter this new phase peacefully or turbulently, and what could their words and behavior in front of the camera reveal about their mental and emotional position?
In her compelling portrait series »Woman in Heat«, the Berlin-based American photographer Benita Sucho­drev lets her models ‘speak out’. Without inhibitions, they reveal how they see them­selves or wish to be seen: dressed-up, dressed-down, with or without make-up, each with her own attributes.
»I wish to treat the female form less as an object of sexuality and more as a subject of sexuality«, says Benita Suchodrev. »Woman in Heat« takes an aesthetic but realistic approach to a topic widely neglected by mainstream culture.

Benita Suchodrev